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Solo Traveler, Adventurer, Content Creator
Author of "Taste of Europe"

Taking on the World, One City at a Time

My name is Mandy and I am a (solo) world traveler, adventurer, photographer, content creator, blogger, etc…. Whatever you want to call it 😉  I’m very passionate about these things and it’s truly what makes me feel alive.  I’m also passionate about self-development because I feel like one can never have learned enough and I want to become the best version of myself. 




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How I Became a Traveller And content creator  

Okay so you know a little bit more about me now, but I bet you’re wandering how I came to this point. Why traveling? Why start my own online business and give up all certainty? 

Well for as long as I can remember I always there was ‘more’ in life. More places to explore than my own hometown. More than the 9-5 -aka ratrace. Ever since my first backpack trip to Thailand when I was 20 years I realized there was one thing I wanted more than anything: To have a free life. I just thought that wasn’t possible 😉

Fast forward to 2020, I just came back home from a year of working and living in Australia. This was in the middle of a pandemic and I thought; there is no better time to persue my dreams and passions and this go for it this time. I wanted to create a life for myself that I would love, every day of the week. Not just the weekends , not just when I was traveling. Every day. And so I did. 

I read a book a month, worked with a business coach, invested in many courses and self-development and worked on my goals consistently. A dream to be my own boss, make an income with my biggest passions, help people along the way and be location independent was born! 


Recent Travels

Corfu Blog

Corfu is the second-largest Ionian Island and it is a true beauty! Because it is one of the most northern islands of Greece and there is quite an amount of rain in autumn Corfu is Greener than you would expect. I really had the best time and I know for a fact you will...

My personal favorite beaches on Corfu

Barbati beach  Barbati is located near Pantokratoras mountain and offers an amazing view over Corfu old town, the Venetian fortress and the far Albanian mountains.  Barbati beach has beautiful white stones beach and is a true beauty. There are some beach bars and...

This is why you should travel solo 

This is why you should travel solo 

Going on a solo trip is one of the most amazing, empowering and scariest adventure you’ll ever experience. I mostly travel on my own and I absolutely love it. You’ll see the world in a way you wouldn’t have if you’d be traveling with a group / travel partner.  ...