Going on a solo trip is one of the most amazing, empowering and scariest adventure you’ll ever experience. I mostly travel on my own and I absolutely love it. You’ll see the world in a way you wouldn’t have if you’d be traveling with a group / travel partner.  

Whether you don’t have the perfect travel buddy and are done waiting for others or you just want to try it out one time 

During a solo trip, you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, make your own mistakes and you’ll find out you’re capable of so much more then you’d ever thought you would. 

1: You’re in charge of making decisions 

This is  definitely one of the best benefits of solo traveling. You can decide everything. This is your trip! You decide where you want to go, how long or how little time you want to spend there, whether you’ll eat some street food somewhere or going out for a fancy dinner. Feel like skipping al the populair highlights and just chill out all day? That’s totally up to you! This feeling of complete freedom is liberating. 

2: You’ll meet amazing people 

One thing most people ask me when it comes to solo traveling is “ but what if I’ll be all alone all the time and get lonely? “ Well I can tell you, that’s probably not going to happen! There is a huge misconception about this, people think you’ll lonely all the time. When you travel with someone you mostly stick together, which results in not meeting many other people. When you’re traveling alone you’re a lot more open to make connections with fellow (solo) travelers. There are so many travelers out there just like you that want to go on cool adventures together and you’ll form a good connection with them quickly. You’re also more approachable for locals to come and have a chat with you. 

3: You’ll get a confidence boost 

It’s so easy to rely on others when traveling together with someone. And that’s completely normal,  but when you’re traveling solo you have to figure everything out yourself. And you’ll soon find out you’re capable of so much more then you’d expect. There is just something about discovering a new place all on your own. You feel powerful. 

4: Your language skills will improve 

When you’re traveling with a group there isn’t really a necessity to learn a certain language. There will mostly be someone that will do the talking when needed. However, when you travel on your own you’ll have to adjust to certain situations and new languages. 

 there is nothing better than landing in another city, one you’ve never been to before, and realizing it is yours to be discovered.

Solo travel is empowering and will make you see the world in a way you wouldn’t, had you been accompanied by a group. It is, pure and simple, an act of self love.